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PhysioFocus is a national Network of private practice Physiotherapists. The PF Network is led by a team of experienced business-minded Physiotherapists who guarantee to provide the mentoring, training and support needed to empower Network members to run dynamic, ethical practices.

What we are:

• Professional association of experienced business-minded physiotherapists representing and acting in the interests of the private physiotherapy sector
• United force for private practitioners in their dealings with stakeholder groups influencing the industry
• Knowledge bank, eliminating the need to surf and search here, there and everywhere for the information and resources needed
• One – stop site for the physiotherapy profession, offering documents, access to industry organizations and networking opportunities

What we offer:

• A platform for business
• Opportunity to be associated with the only South African Association dedicated to the promotion and support of private physiotherapist
• The benefit of being apart of a private practitioner database that consumers will visit to select a physiotherapist. This functionality is available on the website, on mobile devices and via an app.
• A-Z guide of indispensable information on organisations, injury management, legislative requirements, human resources, coding, tax and much more
• Access to invaluable research and resources through PhysioFocus’s professional partnerships with leading industry bodies
• Regular communication via diverse channels on topics of interest and importance
• Visibility – every member has a “shop window” on the website to profile and promote the business and its services

Contact us to explore the ways in which PhysioFocus is empowering our industry and establishing itself as the supporting hand that you, the private physiotherapist, cannot do without.

Contact details

Chairperson Samantha Dunbar  
Deputy Chairperson Wilna-Mari van Staden  
Treasurer Moira Wilson  
Coding Group Manager Ingrid Cloete-Klerck  
Coding Group Deputy Manager Marolien Schmidt  
Practice Management Manager Vanessa Redivo  
Practice Management Deputy Manager Martin Viljoen  
PhysioFocus Liaison Officer Wilma Erasmus  
Private Sector support in HO Jan Janse van Rensburg  
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