What is the OHSIG

The OHSIG is a special interest group that was established in 2011. The physiotherapists that belong to this group have a vision to promote Occupational Health in South Africa amongst physiotherapists and other disciplines as well as to play role in the development and implementation of an Occupational Health Care strategy in South Africa.

This subgroup has adopted the mission:

-          To introduce and grow the understanding and image of Occupational Health Physiotherapy to all stakeholders i.e. Doctors, Allied Healthcare providers, Funders and Public.

-          To provide ongoing education to all stakeholders on the principles of Occupational Health, the evidence based assessment, measurement and treatment of Occupational Health Patients.

-          To support local research in the area of Occupational Health in South Africa.

-          To keep members at the forefront of changes and development at National and International level.

-          To promote and increase the availability of Occupational Health Physiotherapy services in South Africa

-          To partner with Allied Health Care Providers to provide an improved standard of care for the Occupational Health Patient

The South African OHSIG is affiliated with an international group of therapists that are working towards the formation of a subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) that will be called the WCPT Occupational Physiotherapists.

Who is the OHSIG?

The OHSIG is represented in many provinces of South Africa but as it is still a small and growing group. There are no provincial branches and the group is run by the National Executive Committee (NEC). The NEC’s responsibility is to take responsibility for the co-ordination and continuing promotion and growth of OHSIG.

How Do I Find an OHSIG Physiotherapist?

There is a new app soon to be released where you will be able to search for physiotherapists that have indicated that they have a special interest in occupational health.

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